How to combine caramel boots


The caramel color is one of the most beautiful shades within the brown range since it presents a somewhat flattering golden hue. This tone is one of the most used in the manufacture of boots, accessories and garments and also combines perfectly with a multitude of colors.

How to combine caramel boots

Whether it is to wear a typical autumnal look, or for a more spring outfit, caramel brown boots are undoubtedly one of the protagonists of the latest fashion trends that with a few simple clothing and color recommendations, you can look without fear of be wrong

Caramel boots with denim blue

One of the best and most accurate ways to combine caramel-colored boots is to do it with denim, or jeans. This type of fabric allows us to wear a more everyday outfit, but no less stylish because the beautiful color of the footwear will make it acquire a point of good taste.

  • Your usual jeans are the perfect garment to show off your caramel boots. Choose some skinny jeans that fit the leg so that the boots look nice. Combine with a blouse, a basic t-shirt or a blazer in a casual style.
  • A total denim look is another option to show off your boots with good taste. Choose a whole dress or combine a skirt with a shirt of the same tone. The boots will provide the color that your look needs.
  • Don’t forget to add a wide belt to your jeans   in the same color as your boots. The accessories play a fundamental role so that the denim combines well with your boots, so it is a good idea to choose similar shades such as beige.

Caramel boots with soft prints

Any soft print will go perfectly with caramel boots, both in light and dark tones.

  • Choose a simple sleeveless dress, with a print of small polka dots on a nude background or little flowers on pastel tones. Add a denim jacket and your caramel-colored boots. Sensational.
  • Combine a black top with ruffled sleeves and a skirt with prints that stand out on a dark background. The caramel boots will add a touch of light and enhance your legs.
  • For an autumnal look, combine a dress in brown and pink tones with dark tights. The contrast with the color of the boots will make you look very stylish.

Caramel boots with light tones the light tones combine very well with the bright color of caramel. In fact, they give it a more intense air of femininity, especially if we opt for more pink tones.

  • A simple dress in white tones, accompanied by a cardigan is enough for the prominence to focus on some pretty caramel-colored boots. Ideally, you should choose a dress that reaches the edge of the boots so that they do not cover them, and you can show them off in all their splendor.
  • The pink tones give that romantic and feminine touch that make any look a success. Choose some pants in a makeup pink tone, an ocher blouse and add your caramel boots.
  • The mint tone is more fashionable than ever. and it is one of the colors that will most enhance the color of your boots. If you combine a handbag in this color with a scarf in the same tone as your boots, you will love the result.

Caramel boots with brown tones

Nothing better than combining the caramel tone with other shades of the same color range, that is: brown. Take risks with these types of combinations and you will not regret the results.

  • It doesn’t matter what kind of shade you choose as caramel color is a tone that blends easily. If you want to give prominence to your boots then it is better to opt for darker tones such as coffee brown. Add off -white accessories to your coat, dress or pants.
  • Another option is to liven up the color even more by adding clothes in the same tone as the boots. The best way to do it is through certain accessories such as a scarf, or a jacket. For the rest of the garments, choose a print in navy blue tones or dark colors. The caramel color will reign with a lot of style.

Caramel boots with black

We cannot forget one of the kings of colors par excellence in the world of fashion: it is the always stylish and elegant color black.

  • The black garments are the perfect background so that your caramel boots become the true protagonists of your look. Pants in this color are a success, and also given the ease with which this color lends itself to any combination, you can add anything from a pretty checked shirt to a flattering blouse with sailor stripes.
  • If you are looking for a feminine touch, choose a short-sleeved short dress and match it with your cute boots. Don’t forget the final touch: a flattering belt in the same color as your boots to accentuate your waist and give it a unique personality. Distinction and elegance difficult to beat.

Caramel boots with ethnic print

The boho chic ethnic print combines very well with caramel-colored boots, especially when we choose tones in which toasted color predominates.

  • An excellent idea to show off your boots is to combine them with a poncho with ethnic lines and fringes. You can also opt for a short dress combined with a wide belt. Choose a shoulder bag in the same color as your boots.
  • Another way to combine the bohemian style with your boots is with a long skirt and a crop top. If the skirt has side slits you will be able to show off your caramel boots much better and you will achieve a very casual style.


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