How to combine a skater skirt


A skater skirt is that type of very short skirt, cinched at the waist and flared. The material of the skirt is usually light, so that the skirt does not fall and maintains some body, but at the same time it has movement. However, skater skirts can also be found in thicker fabrics and even leather.

Skater skirts are named after the skirts usually worn by ice skaters (Figure Skaters).

How to combine a skater skirt

Formal style

A black skater skirt always works well.  If you want to be more or less formal and dressed up, we recommend that you wear your black skater skirt with a bow blouse and heeled ankle boots.

Another option is your black leather skater skirt, combined but contrasting with a lace top, either black or white. You can combine it with stilettos and a clutch.

A third possibility is to wear your black skater skirt with a shiny metallic top and high heeled sandals.

Any of these options will work for a serious date, a more or less formal dinner, and even a semi-formal party.

Casual style in cold weather

Skater skirts are very comfortable to wear comfortably but neatly. You can wear skater skirts in spring or summer in many ways.

As a top you can use a t-shirt with a message, which is super fashionable. Also, a sleeveless top or sleeveless top. Another option is a light round neck or V-neck sweater. If the output is informal, you can wear a fitted top that shows your abdomen a bit.

As shoes the possibilities are endless, although in spring and summer they look great with low shoes.

Printed skater skirts

There are many skater skirts in solid colors, usually black, dark brown, burgundy, navy blue.

However, in summer you can look great in bright colors: turquoise blue, soft pink, magenta, yellow.

There are also a lot of skater skirts in various prints: plaid, stripes, flowers.
The ideal in this case is to combine solid color skirts with patterned tops and vice versa, patterned skirts with solid color tops. However, a floral skirt with a striped top can look great. Or a kilt with a polka dot top. They are unexpected elements that can give charm to the outfit.

Shoes to wear with a skater skirt

One of the advantages of skater skirts is that they are incredibly versatile when it comes to footwear.

In summer you can use them with: low sandals, heeled sandals, ballerinas, sneakers, converse ankle boots, Oxford shoes.

In winter you can wear them with high, medium or ankle boots. Boots and ankle boots with high or low heels. Combat Boots or Refined Ankle Boots. High-heeled pumps.


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