How to combine a lingerie bra – learn how to wear it!


Do you already have a lingerie bra in your closet? This piece of underwear has become. Without a doubt, one of the leading trends of the season. Far have been those bras with transparent strips that we insisted on hiding, now fashion is committed to showing this sensual and beautiful feminine garment. They are lace bras that you can add to any of your day or night looks to give it a more sexy and feminine touch. Keep reading this article if you also want to join this trend and need to know how to combine a lingerie bra, the key is to show it in a subtle way without falling into vulgarity. Take note!

How to combine a lingerie bra - learn how to wear it!


One option that we love is to wear a lingerie bra with a shirt. If you wear a shirt, you can leave a few buttons undone so that only part of the lace bra shows in a suggestive way. This is an incredible way to give a much more sexy, feminine and sensual touch to your looks.

A combination that does not fail is to combine a black lingerie bra with a white or nude shirt and black pants. Complete this outfit with a nice necklace and you will be spectacular.

Oversize t-shirts

The shirts oversize is very fashionable and are also perfect to include a bra in the lingerie look. Whether they are looser around the neck than around the arms, the bra will show off subtly and will add a little more sensuality to these garments.

We advise you that the loose shirts you choose are not with very flashy prints so that your lace bra can have more prominence, basic shirts are preferable. With this, you can get very carefree casual outfits or a very flattering boho chic style, especially in the spring and summer season.

V-neck or boat neck jumpers

Do you want to show off your lace bra in winter? Well, another way to combine a lingerie bra and include it in an autumn or winter look is to wear it under warm sweaters that have a V-neck or boat neck.

These two types of necklines are ideal for the bra to be seen subtly and the outerwear to squander a little more sensuality. If you choose a sweater with a boat neck, you can let it drop slightly to one shoulder on one side so that the strap of the bra can be seen; In this case, it is best if the bra strap is rather wide.

Transparent blouses

And if you are one of the daring girls who have joined the trend of completely transparent blouses or t-shirts, you will be happy to know that if you wear a lingerie under them, you will be able to make it the undisputed protagonist of your look.

Our recommendation is that if for example you are going to wear a transparent black blouse that you combine it with a lace bra of the same color and that you make sure to choose the size of the latter very well.

Top with kimonos or blazers

Tops became fashionable a few seasons ago and now it is also a trend to wear a lingerie bra as if it were a top rather than an underwear garment. How? You can wear it, for example, under a jacket or a kimono. To cover part of the belly and get a more flattering look, it is best to combine these garments with a high-waisted pants or skirt.

And if you do not want to show so much, you can also button the blazers that have buttons so that the lace bra shows through the neckline.

Garments with the bare back

Finally, you can also combine a lingerie bra with tops that have an opening in the back or leave it completely uncovered.

This type of bras is also very beautiful from the back, so you can wear them as much as with dresses, jumpsuits, sweaters, blouses, T-shirts, body’s … that leave your back or part of it in the air.


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