How to combine a green dress for parties? What shoes, nails and bags go best with green?


The green color can make it very easy to combine. Well, what you should be aware of is the tonality that you have chosen to wear.

How to combine a green dress for parties What shoes, nails and bags go best with green

The shades of dark green, bluish or emeralds are undoubtedly perfect to combine and party. Since they represent elegance and naturalness.

If you are one of the girls looking to combine a green dress for a wedding, a party or a night out with the perfect shoes, hairstyle, accessories and makeup. You should know that the best way is to make all of that simple and beautiful. However, if you want to know more, look at what to combine a green dress with.

How to wear a green dress for parties

Combine a green dress in its different shades in simple, if you want to know the correct way to do it, continue reading:

You cannot add many things to a green dress, because the simpler the better as it provides elegance and a very neat style.  Use elements of liking with the tonality of this color and select them wisely.

You can look for other shades that contrast very well with this color and that give it a simple but elegant and clean touch. For example:

The colors that best combine with a navy or mint green dress are purple, pink, and salmon or beige, you can use them in accessories, handbags or high heels. It is highly recommended that the shoes be beige or nude.

To combine a jade green dress, provide accessories, shoes, jackets or bags of colors such as: black, beige, brown, white and gold.

For a green dress, combine very simple accessories in gold, silver or pearls and precious stones. As always beige in shoes and a black wallet.

For this color, simple makeups go very well, such as in brown or dark tones, followed by a hairstyle a little collected with a headband.

What accessories go well with an emerald green dress?

The accessories or accessories that best go with an emerald green dress are those that create a perfect contrast or balance with it. That is to say, take all those that unify this color providing an elegant, clean and fresh look.

Add accessories in golden, silver or beige tones, as these undoubtedly enhance the color a lot and give that touch of elegance that it needs.

  • The necklaces can be medium with small or large and glamorous charms. Depending on this, choose the earrings.
  • Long earrings go very well but if the necklace is large try to counteract with something smaller and simpler.
  • The rings of precious stones or of a color that is in excellent harmony with this color also provide a better balance.

You can add all those accessories that they have, pearls, small diamonds, sparkles, or pebbles. If you want to add color, make sure that they only have small touches and that they are in shades such as burgundy, dark red, gold or purple.

Ideally, these three accessories or complements go in the same direction of tones and designs. Since we don’t want a mess.

Combine your green dress with black or beige heels. And if you carry a bag that is an envelope or small type in beige or skin tones.

Best combinations for a dark green dress

Well, here are some ideas of the best combinations for a dark green dress with the perfect accessories.

If the design of the dress is short, with a v-neckline and fine shots, a pair of simple black heels suits you very well, with a very elegant jacket or long blazer, preferably. Simple silver accessories, in which you can go round earrings and a fine necklace with a small charm.

If the design is short to the thighs with movement in that area, sweetheart neckline and small sleeves, it goes well with beige pointed toe closed heels. Some white scarf of subtle fabric like tulle, long earrings and a simple necklace.

If on the other hand the design is a long fitted cut with a neckline, use a striking necklace of this same color with sparkles of diamonds, followed by small earrings in the same harmony. Open beige or black heels with thin straps and a very simple headband in the hair.


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