How to combine a cape


The classic coats and jackets have lost prominence in the clothing collections for the winter season, and now what are worn are capes and ponchos. They are garments that give a very special and particular touch to each look and that can be combined in a thousand ways, either to obtain more casual or more formal outfits. If you have recently bought a cape or are thinking of getting one, take note of the tips in this article in which we show you how to combine a cape and how to get the most out of it.

How to combine a cape

Casual look with cape

One way we love to combine a cape is to integrate it into the most casual daily looks. It is a garment with which you will not have to give up dressing in fashion any day of the week. There are many possibilities, but we are fascinated by capes in beige or camel tones combined with jeans, a loose shirt and brown ankle boots. As you can see, the result is incredible and you will be perfect with a more informal style.

Ethnic layers

One of the most prominent trends of the autumn-winter season that we can also see in the layers is that of ethnic prints. If you want to get a very flattering folk style, we advise you to get an ethnic cape and make it the main protagonist of your outfit. In order not to overload the look , our recommendation is that you combine them with a total black look or with plain garments in neutral colors that combine with the shades of the cape print. You can wear it with ankle boots, flat shoes, stilettos, boots … the options are many, so you can choose the one that suits you best according to the occasion.

Sophisticated cape look

Would you like to take advantage of the cape for more elegant and sophisticated looks? You can get it too! To do this, choose a cape in neutral tones such as black or beige and you can combine it with the clothes that you usually use to go to work, to meetings or important events, etc. As you can see in the image, the cape gives a more modern touch to the classic executive or office outfits than the classic coats or parkas. Complete the look with a tote bag, leaving aside those that are worn on the shoulder, as these tend to overshadow the fall and the design of the cape.

Layers with XXL boots

Among the main footwear trends for winter, we find the so-called XXL boots or maxi boots, which exceed the height of the knee and are ideal for styling the female figure. This type of footwear combines great with capes and ponchos, so you can also create incredible looks with these two garments. You can wear the boots both with pants and with skirts and dresses, the important thing is that they fit well with the colors of the cape and that you choose a model that favors your legs so that they look more beautiful. Do not forget to include a handbag and you will get a spectacular style.

Layers with dresses and skirts

The cape is a garment that is not relegated only to pants and leggings, as it is also ideal to combine them with skirts and dresses in our closet. Whether it is an informal, elegant, shirt, knit dress …, wear it with the cape on top and you will stand out with a fashionable style adapted to the latest trends. Of course, it is important that if you opt for a patterned dress, the cape you wear is smooth; only if the dress is plain, you can combine it indistinctly with a printed or plain cape.

The best accessories for capes

Do not neglect the accessories and complement your cape with those that succeed in the winter season. They will serve to give a more chic touch to your outfits and be fully prepared to face low temperatures. There are certain rules that you must keep in mind so as not to overshadow the beauty and shape of a cape; and the best accessories are:

  • Handbags: whether they are large or small, choose those models that you can carry in your hand, since bandoliers are not very flattering for capes.
  • Gloves: layers are perfect to wear short or extra-long gloves: leather gloves and those that combine various fabrics, such as suede and leather, are in fashion.
  • Hats: Retro-style hats are also trendy, and so-called “fedora” hats work best with layering.


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