How to choose the ideal belt for your look


Belts are an essential part of any outfit. Sometimes we use them out of absolute necessity, such as to adjust those jeans that always slip or that dress that otherwise looks like a pregnant lady. However, other times the belts change an outfit, or give it another meaning and can even change its appearance.

How to choose the ideal belt for your look

Ideally, you should have various types of belts: wide, narrow, in neutral colors, in bright colors, in different materials, so that you play with them to create new proportions, different touches and new appearances.

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wide belts 

They are perfect to wear with very wide clothes, whether they are blouses or shirt dresses, since they support the garment and at the same time define the body.  If you are wearing very tight clothing, wide belts will not look good. They do look good, on the other hand, in medium clothes. For example, a normal fitted white blouse (not close to the body), with a pencil skirt and a wide belt in a very contrasting color or animal print will look great on you.

Wide Japanese Obi-type belts can look very elegant with black clothes, find a good quality one and you will look sensational.

narrow belts

They are perfect for small people or those who like minimalist aesthetics. They also look great on stocky people who want to trim a bit without going overboard. Narrow belts can be very elegant. They also have the advantage that their discretion makes them look appropriate even with the most strident color or the most exaggerated print. Take advantage of its small size to use the color or print that you like and you won’t dare to wear it.

big buckles

A belt with a big buckle can be great, as long as you follow a few rules.  If your waist is very wide, try to keep the belt on your hips, that way, you will create contrast with the waist and it will look smaller.

If you are small, keep in mind that large buckles divide the silhouette, therefore they will make you look smaller. If you are very tall, on the other hand, the large buckles will look very good on you because they will give a certain balance.

Belts that only adorn

I am referring to those belts that do not adjust anything or hold anything, but that give a different touch to a wardrobe that would otherwise be bland and boring.  They can be metallic (chain belts never go out of style and always look good), in materials such as straw, ribbons, beads, embroidered stones. In short, any type of belt that is always worn a little baggy and that stands out a lot.  Take the opportunity to wear it with a black dress, or a beige outfit, or a white shirt, in short, any outfit that needs to brighten up.

discreet belts

I have one that I use a lot and nobody sees it. It is one of those belts that are almost invisible (mine is in grey) with an almost flat buckle that does not stand out at all and is perfect to wear with pants or skirts that need some support but that I am going to wear with a fitted top for over the bottom garment. The discreet belts provide adjustment without being noticed that you are wearing them, because they do not mark a bulge at the height of the abdomen that looks so ugly.
With my discreet belt I can wear a more or less tight blouse over pants, for example, and it doesn’t show.

extreme belts

I have seen from a real Obi (very wide), to a leather belt that looks like a corset (it reached from the lower part of the bust to the hips), others of more or less normal width but with a gigantic metal buckle, another with a monumental floripondio to one side. They are belts that attract a lot of attention. Perfect if you dare to use them. If you are very tall and thin, you sure look great. However, if you’re not, you’re not shy either and you want attention, go all out. There is nothing better than a woman with self-confidence and a sense of humor.


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