How to choose lingerie for my wedding


The wedding night after the marriage celebration is always special, so the outfit you choose for such an intimate moment should also be special, since it will also help you enhance your lines and your dress.

How to choose lingerie for my wedding

To choose lingerie for your wedding, you have to be aware of one thing: the underwear that you will use during the party and the ceremony, that is, with the wedding dress on, will not be the same that you will use once you are alone in the room with your partner, in the same way that a girlfriend’s lingerie should not be the same as the lingerie you would use to sleep. Why? The answer is simple: you should buy underwear that meets the needs of your dress and at night you can choose the shape, color and line of intimate lingerie that you like best.

Choosing the color of the lingerie

Color is essential when choosing underwear for a day as important as your wedding. Of course, if your dress is white, you should wear underwear of the same color or beige. Beige is in fact the recommended color when wearing white clothes, since it does not leave any mark through your spectacular dress, white can also be a good choice.

However, for the wedding night you have complete freedom. You can wear exotic lingerie with bold prints, white, red, black, etc. Combine the lingerie with the color of your skin; If you have very white skin you can opt for transparent lingerie or dark lingerie and vice versa.

Choosing the type of lingerie based on the body

To choose the right type of lingerie you must take a good look at what type of body you have, for this there is nothing better than following the following tips:

  • If, for example, you have a small bust, you could do without the bra, and perhaps opt for some of the models with a tank top with transparencies.
  • On the other hand, if you have a large bust you can choose a reducing bra or a body. Bodysuits also help reduce the belly area (very useful for chubby women) and further define the sexy curves of the body.
  • If you have large thighs, try to choose lingerie that fits them and that does not leave marks on your skin, such as combinations, and depending on whether you want to highlight your curves, you can choose between a set with a thong that you can combine with a multitude of garter styles.

Remember, beyond your physical complexion, the important thing is that the lingerie you choose is comfortable for you and that you feel sensual yourself.

Choosing lingerie

For the ceremony, many brides make the same mistake. They want to wear something that makes them feel sexy but they forget the most important thing: comfort! In the market you can find many options that make you feel good and be comfortable at the same time without resorting to lace or transparencies, because a set of cotton underwear can also be very sexy.

  • If your dress is very tight, you can opt for thongs or seamless underwear, comfortable and ideal for this type of event. 
  • On the other hand, if you are wearing pantyhose it is easy to think that a garter belt is the best option. However, wearing full pantyhose is easier, as it allows you to go to the bathroom as many times as you want without having to undress each time. You’ll feel comfortable on the inside and look like a real lady on the outside.
  • There is a type of garment that serves to enhance the bust and that causes a certain predilection in women, it is the corset. It is a very stylish garment with a certain vintage touch but, if it is not of good quality or it is not well placed, it can become a problem since it will become quite annoying. On the other hand, keep in mind that not all dresses allow the use of the corset, so you should assess it before choosing the appropriate type of lingerie item.
  • Do not forget to include the garter in the choice of your lingerie, an accessory full of meaning that, in addition to attracting good luck, abundance and fortune, has a great tradition.

Choosing accessories for lingerie

Since it is a day when we want to feel like a beautiful and sensual lady, we tend to choose lingerie with decoration: lace, ribbons, bows, crystals, etc. Any of these options are valid, but you must try them with the dress before the big day. Why? If, for example, you have a very tight dress, it is not recommended that you wear lingerie with ribbons or crystals as they can end up digging into the skin, becoming a real problem.

For the night, on the other hand, you can use whatever you want. You can buy the most erotic lingerie on the market and use it without any problem. Remember the law of “less is more” and do not overload yourself with accessories: if you wear a garter belt, a decorated bra and very large earrings, you will be excessive.

Try your lingerie with the wedding dress

Last but not least, it is to try the lingerie set for the chosen dress, with the wedding dress. It is the best way to check that the type of lingerie you have chosen is the right one, that it will not be seen through the dress, that it enhances your shapes and the fundamental thing: that it makes you feel comfortable, feminine and happy with the choice.

When you go to perform one of the last tests of the wedding dress, remember to take the lingerie set with you, in this way you will have enough time to change what does not convince you too much.

All that remains is to enjoy the great day and feel like the protagonist of an unforgettable moment.

Remember that you can find a wide catalog with all kinds of fine lingerie sets especially for girls on their wedding night in various online stores with an extensive range, where you can also find offers from recognized brands on sales, being able to choose all kinds of good lingerie cheapest at unbeatable prices. In addition, you will not only find lingerie for a girl for a special night or lingerie for the bathroom, it is even possible to purchase lingerie for men. Some of these websites are:

  • Became Lingerie: Colombian lingerie that offers a very sensual and provocative type of lingerie with a spicy touch.
  • Illusion Lingerie: Lingerie with a store in Mexico that is committed to simplicity in its lines and comfort in its designs.
  • American Lingerie: Offers a type of lingerie for ladies with a hotter, erotic and daring point.
  • Peter Pan Lingerie: Argentine lingerie brand with a very romantic and youthful style.


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