How to be Hipster


One of the coolest fashions today is being a hipster. The hipster movement started in the 1940s with jazz. The hips were those who knew about jazz and who knew the emerging African American subculture. Today this term is used to describe those who are against fashion, that is, the alternatives. If you want to be a hipster, here we give you some tips so you know how to do it.

How to be Hipster

Where do hipsters buy clothes

Hipster stand out for fleeing from brands and fashions. If you want to be a real hipster, buy second-hand or vintage clothes and especially buy in independent designer stores that nobody knows. You will be different from others and you will also help them grow!

What kind of clothes do hipster wear

Hipsters love super tight pants (skinny or skinny) and if they reach above the ankle and you can show the socks better than better. They love colorful, striped or polka-dot socks. Hipster girls also wear very high-waisted pants.

They also love to wear poorly combined and layered clothes. Although it seems that it does not look good, they spend time deciding how to “not combine” the clothes to make it “combinable hipster.

Hipster girls wear a lot of flowery spring dresses and combine them with vintage belts. And if it’s winter they wear leggings underneath and a cardigan over it or a large wool sweater.

Hipster shoes

Hipster shoes first of all have to be very comfortable (no heels)

  • Hipster boys shoeshipster boys wear the typical converse sneakers but without being of this brand or dress shoes in brown tones and if they are worn better.
  • Hipster girl’s shoes: cowboy boots or flat shoes and sandals.

What accessories do hipster wear

  • Glasses – Hipster love glasses and the bigger the better. Many of them don’t need them but they add a very cool touch to each other.
  • Bags: If you want to be a real hipster, forget about backpacks and bags that are carried in the hand or are hung from one shoulder. The quintessential hipster bags are the ones that are crossed in the front and are worn by both men and women.
  • Other accessories: hats, hats, bow ties, suspenders … they are also 100% hipster accessories.

Hipster hair

Hipster hair is totally carefree. Men can wear beards or mustaches and casual hair and women loose hair or in a poorly done bun.

Hipster personal care

Hipster are clean people and they shower every day but they are against going to the hairdresser a lot, putting on makeup and the cult of the body. Hipster believe in natural beauty.

The leisure of the hipster

To be a hipster in your free time you must:

  • Listen to indie music especially the un-rave, minimalist, indie rap, nerd core, garage rock and punk rock genres.
  • Read a lot, especially magazines like Vice, Another Magazine and Wallpaper. Poetry is also very fashionable among them.
  • Go to the cinema to see independent films.


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