How is the pin-up style?


Pin-up is a sexy, suggestive and provocative style that arises through the photographic and artistic aesthetics of the same name. Today the style of those models who posed for photographs has become a very widespread fashion. Here we show you what the pin-up style is like and what its fetish garments are.

How is the pin-up style

Steps to follow:

The pin-ups stand out for their sixties and provocative style. Remember that it is very suggestive, it tries to call the erotic but without exceeding it.

Pin-ups are usually characterized by their tight dresses. They are usually short, that mark the breasts a lot (they can help you with a corset that enhances your figure). In addition, their hips tend to highlight also with dresses and corsets.

As for the hairstyle, it is very neat and curly, with a tendency to the fifties. They usually wear it with big curls and waves, a la Betty Page with a straight and short bangs. In addition, they adorn their hair with various accessories, from scarves, barrettes, etc. A big bun is also typical for pin-ups

On the other hand, pale skin and heavily made up stand out. But this makeup should be subtle. Pin-ups take great care of their skin due to the origins in the modeling of this style. They use makeup of light tones that gives them a touch of paleness but without being excessive.

An important element in pin-up aesthetics are the eyes, since they are fundamental in the game of seduction. They usually use thick black eye-liners for the eye line and lengthen at the corner, finishing with a seductive and creative decoration. As for the shadow, they use bright but sober colors, glitter and sparkles that make their eye drop sexy. Many of them use false eyelashes to highlight their look.

Oddly enough, well-groomed eyebrows are very essential in pin-up aesthetics. The darker and more defined the better, so they filled them in with makeup. They do not usually leave them very thin.

High heels and stilettos triumph among pin-ups. Still, they prefer sober shoes without much adornment, the important thing is that they enhance their long legs and provide them with a sensual gait.


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