Colors of dresses for brunettes


Each season, the catwalks show us the trends and colors that will reign in our closets. However, regardless of the tones that fashion dictates, each woman usually knows what colors favor her according to her figure or according to the tone of skin and hair that they have. However, there are times when doubts arise and looks or dresses that seem ideal, can turn into a disaster by not having hit the right color.

    Colors of dresses for brunettes

    If your hair is brown and you want to know the colors of dresses for brunettes that suit you the most, in this article, we propose the best colors of dresses for brunettes. Read on and turn your dressing room into a space full of style and personality!

    Earth and brown dresses

    To know which colors of dresses for brunettes are the most suitable for you, you must take into account the tone of your skin. If you are a light-skinned brunette, colors with a cool base will look great in contrast to your skin. If, on the other hand, you are a brunette with black skin, warm and intense colors are the most ideal for you.

    Earth colors, such as curry, camel or chocolate brown, are colors that favor black skin, as they provide a contrast and a very striking color richness. A one-color dress, or one with a geometric print that combines several of these colors, will make you the center of attention. If you want a softer and less flashy look, you can choose dresses with the tops in a light tone, such as white or beige, and a more intense tone in the skirt.

    As for the colors for light-skinned brunettes, beige or camel look great, as long as you don’t go overboard with the length of the garment. A shirt dress or short and straps will be ideal if you combine it with some accessory on the neck (a necklace or colored scarf). Thus, you will break the uniformity of the color and give life to your look.

    Cobalt blue dresses

    Cobalt blue is an intense color with a lot of personality. It is one of those colors for hair brunettes that looks good on both light and dark skin, as the intensity of cobalt blue contrasts perfectly with both skin tones.

    A long cobalt blue dress, combined with gold accessories, will add elegance and will be ideal for an evening look. For its part, a short dress of the same color, combined with more sporty accessories, will give your style a casual and very urban touch. If you have a short or knee-length cobalt blue dress, you can take advantage of it by adding a black jacket and ballet flats. You will get a very urban and innovative office look.

    Navy blue dresses

    Navy blue is ideal if you are a brunette with white skin, since its dark tone will highlight your features. Navy blue is known for being a sober and formal color. If you want to wear your navy blue dress with a more daring and less serious look, add a black biker jacket to add that rocker touch it needs.

    In the event that your skin is black, we advise you to opt for a more vibrant blue (such as cobalt). Being a more intense and lively tone, it will give you light and highlight the beauty of your skin. If, even so, you have fallen in love with a navy blue dress, we recommend that you combine it with maroon accessories, such as a belt or a foulard. The garnet color, although sober, will break the uniformity of the blue and give a very chic touch to your image.

    Green dresses

    Green is one of the colors that favor black skin. If you are a brunette with black skin, any dress in green tones will be perfect, as it will give you a very rich and intense look. If you need to wear a more sophisticated outfit or at night, do not hesitate to combine it with golden accessories.

    If you are dark-haired and have light skin, you should know that green, in its coldest tones, usually contrasts perfectly with white skin and copper or red hair. If you opt for a green dress, we recommend that you choose it in a fresh and livelier hue, such as leaf green.

    If your skin is very fair, avoid moss or bottle color, as it will harden your features. You can combine your green dress with small doses of coral red. For example, you can add a thin belt or a bowling style bag and thus give a fresh and young touch to your look without overloading it.

    Red dresses

    If you like daring dresses that attract all eyes, red dresses are a classic that never fails. Red is a color that always brings strength and a lot of personality to outfits.

    Today, the deep red color has been displaced by cooler and more youthful shades of red such as coral red. Dresses in coral tones are ideal to achieve a very fresh look if you have dark hair and fair skin. If you are black skinned, dressed in shades of oxblood red, wine red or garnet, they will give you an elegant and very chic image.

    Gray dresses

    Gray is a color that brunette hair women can use as long as they choose light or medium shades. Whether you have darker or lighter skin, too dark grays or steel colors will harden your features and make you appear older than you are.

    To avoid adding years and achieving a distinguished and flattering look, we recommend that, if you want to wear a gray dress, you choose it in charcoal gray or bluish gray. Combining gray with soft and natural fabrics, such as linen or wool, is a success, as it achieves a very natural elegance without artifice. A light gray wool dress will become the star of all your fall looks.

    Dresses in pastel shades

    Pastel colors? Why not? Pastel tones add sweetness and a very chic touch to your dressing room. Whatever your skin tone, if your hair is brown and you want to wear a pastel dress, we recommend that you always choose warm colors, such as green or yellow. The warmth and softness of these tones will give a very fresh and naive air to your style.

    Dresses in pastel shades are ideal for any spring or summer event or celebration. Of course, we recommend that, in order not to overload your image, avoid accessories of the same tone or white. If you want to carry a bag or belt that complements your look, opt for natural fabrics such as raffia.

    Yellow dresses

    Yellow is a bold color that is not usually the first choice of many women. However, a dress with short sleeves or wide straps in a yellow tone could surprise you once you see it on. And is that yellow is life and brings light to your skin and your face, regardless of your skin color. Whether you are a brunette with black skin or if your skin is fair, yellow will favor you. Try combining your yellow dress with stilettos or camel sandals. The result, in addition to being flattering, is 100% a summer look.

    White dresses

    White is one of the star colors that never fails in a dress. White looks good with any type of hair or skin color, since it brings a lot of luminosity and softens the features. Whichever white dress you like best, long or short, with straps or long sleeves, white dresses are an ideal option for spring and summer.

    With the white color, you will get a bohemian and very chic style. If, on the other hand, you want to wear it in winter, dare to combine it with a coat in earth tones and high boots. You will have a perfect street style.

    Black dresses

    Like white, black is another star color that never fails in our wardrobe. Black, unlike white, is a color that reduces luminosity and hardens facial features, especially in brunettes.

    If you want to wear a black dress, we advise you to pay attention to your makeup. A luminous face with makeup in natural tones will help you counteract the harshness of black. If you opt for a black dress, we advise you to combine it with a jacket in a different shade. Another good idea is to wear a statement necklace that adds style to the dress and a touch of light.


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