Best models of pantsuits for women – For parties, weddings and cocktails


Wearing dress pants for women with jackets and blouses, and choosing which model to wear when going to any event can be a bit complicated. But what better than a suit to show off. That is why we will give you some ideas of pantsuit for parties or celebrations so that you attract attention and do not go unnoticed.

Best models of pantsuits for women For parties, weddings and cocktails

Trouser suits for women have become a trend in recent years for their elegance and comfort when it comes to wearing them. And for sure you will want to use them and combine them with many pieces of your clothing.

Best trouser suit models

One of the things that must be taken into account to wear a pantsuit is how to combine them. Both in colors, theme and concept. For this we leave you the best models below.

One-color pantsuit: it is one of the most used due to its diversity to combine with panties or jackets. You can wear them with closed shoes or sandals if you like to wear something more comfortable.

Short pantsuits: Because of this, if you like ankle boots or high heels, this is the best idea to wear a pantsuit of this model. Like the unicolor you can vary your style since if you want something elegant you can wear high shoes. But if you want something more casual you can vary using sandals or low shoes.

Checkered pantsuit: Checkered clothing has become a trend and if you want to wear a checked suit this is the best idea. Due to its shape and concept of dressing, it gives you the option of wearing accessories such as hats and also belts that will surely stand out in you.

Cocktail suits, pants and full blouse: If you don’t like clothes so narrow and you like dresses. Opting for a comfortable wide cocktail-type suit will be a good option. These are elegant pantsuit type suits very useful for parties or special occasions.

These evening dresses for women with pants are mainly for ceremonies since their style represents elegance. You can vary with print, as they are very representative models.

Cede pantsuit: one of the most striking options that you can use, since they have a bright, simple and modest touch, which will make you stand out with great elegance. You will never go unnoticed as the varying color tones are strong and will steal people’s attention. A great proposal for all the girls.

What kind of shirt to wear for a pantsuit?

To have an elegant pantsuit and blouse set for your events or party, it is ideal to take some factors into account. Like the shirt you wear, it should highlight your pants, and for this we will show you some ideas.

If you like casual, you can wear short tops, in combination with a blazer. On the other hand, if you want something more elegant, you can use shirts with a belt or pleats and cuts that provide delicacy. You can get all this in an elegant suit store for women or men, as you will find the perfect accessories, pants and blouses.

Ideally, find the concept you want to use when dressing. If you use a cocktail type, which in general come complete, you can use a vest to highlight. If you want to wear a complete set of elegant pants and blouse for a party or celebration, make sure they contrast perfectly.

How to wear a pantsuit for plus sizes

If you are a large size you do not have to worry, you have many options to combine and we will show you how below.

You can choose a party suit with pants for a cocktail celebration that is perfect for chubby girls. They will be very cute as they will highlight your legs, and other attributes of your body. You can wear them with girdles or belts in case you use them.

The ideal party outfits with pants and blouses for large sizes are those that you can take advantage of your legs and busts. That is to say, they should subtract attention where you do not want, and contribute it in your most attractive characters.

And finally, use appropriate tones, which add sophistication and elegance. Dark colors are best for you, such as black, wine, purple, and brown.


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