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Women Put on Early 2000s Trend For A Day

Women Put on Early 2000s Fashion For A Day

“Don’t forget when Sk8ter Boi was THE coolest song ever?”

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Destiney’s Youngster, 2001 Radio Music Awards
Jason Kirk/Getty Photographs
Ashanti, Entertainment Weekly Party for the ‘Must List’
Matthew Peyton/Getty Images
Ja Rule and Ashanti, 2004 Do Something Brick Awards
Scott Eells/Getty Photographs
Gwen Stefani, lead singer of rock group, “No Doubt”
Timothy A. Clary/Getty Photographs
Jennifer Lopez in New York
Spencer Platt/Getty Photographs
Jennifer Lopez, Celebrities at MTV Awards
George De Sota/Getty Photos
Avril Lavigne poses with her award for Greatest New Artist
Don Emmert/Getty Photographs

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Women Dress in Early 2000s Style For A Day by Boldly
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  1. So, they wear the same clothes they do now

  2. The J-Lo one looked the best

  3. I freaking love those cargos she was wearing

  4. 3:17 lol Auri lowkey has a booty

  5. I wish I had been a teenager in the 2000´s the music and the clothes were so much better ! 😀 and Avril Lavigne is my Idol I love her so much ♥

  6. Being born in 2000 I was aware of what they were talking about at the same time I was not aware of what they were talking about.

  7. navjia menulis

    I’m still stock in this generation

  8. I feel so old, thanks buzzfeed!

  9. These people are too nice just to tell these girls they look terrible

  10. what about men and women dress like the 1950s


  12. chocmilkshake24

    2:50 who’s THAT? He cute <3

  13. Marcela Sofía Arends

    "I’m just sipping on chamomile" LOL OMG.

  14. 루루앤아이래쉬

    "같은 것을 좋아하고 싫어하는 것이 바로 진정한 우정이다. "-살루스트-좋은하루 되세요~^^

  15. Auri annoys me so much anyone else agree ! Like I won’t be all like ewww or nasty I just don’t like her

  16. Quinta is my spirit animal

  17. Men with high voices. Vegan fizzy haired women. No one has muscle tone. Weak looking. Vitamin D deficiency. Emasculated feminist men. Too many pronouns. Women afraid to state their opinions of disagreement.

    This must be the most leftist company on earth. Dear god.

  18. No disrespect but they dressed like celebs and not every day people so of course they had a unique look to them….

  19. "I don’t know who that is I know Afro Man tho" lolololol

  20. vanessa henley

    the girl with the purple braids has this Wednesday Addams chic going on before she changes to avril

  21. Félicie Bonnet

    good news ! : there’s some stuff from 2000’s trends that are back todayyy C:

  22. Jules Boslough


  23. who you supposed to be?
    afril laveen?
    i dont know who that is
    i know afro man though!

  24. i loved avril lavigne omg

  25. iiLxrd Crxstxlii

    I promised myself I would never in my life step back into the 2000’s style.. Never.

  26. QUINTA 😂😂 LMFAO whatta star

  27. Is this channel owned by Buzzfeed?

  28. My mind: 2000s muST MEAN MCR

  29. I love these videos but what bothers me is that they always say "I was surprised people were supportive blablabla" while actually most of the reactions come from their co-workers, who work for the same company that does this kind of stuff all the time??? So??? Why does it suprise you that they’re supportive when those people probably did similar things?? I think the reactions would be more realistic if they went outside more with hidden cameras.

  30. The 2000’s was spaghetti strap vests and awkward skirts…

  31. Fashion in the 2000 we’re just not cute lol

  32. Is this Buzzfeed?

  33. i know damn well that girl don’t listen to ja rule

  34. I’ve always been a big fan of the camo and combat boots.

  35. "I know afro man" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  36. im screaming at the terf bangs lmaooo

  37. Idk why their co-workers are surprised they should be used to this by now

  38. I really hate her bangs..I’m trying to get past it but lord

  39. Kianne Labrador

    quintaaaaaa hahaha

  40. Avril is still my favorite singer, am I weird

  41. 0:15 Did someone put a bowl on her head to cut that fringe?

  42. Gosh I was in my 20s.

  43. Damn, the people who work at buzzfeed should receive free access to mental health care. They need it more than anyone, thank Satan I don’t work there.

  44. Classy 1950s potato

    BuzzFeed is addicting.

  45. Becky Nothstein

    It still puzzles me how anyone at Buzzfeed is surprised by anything anymore

  46. I was born in 2004, so all I remember about the 2000s is 2 things:

    1. Lip-glosses
    2. Tackiness

  47. Auri looks like she has a bowl cut due to the bangs.-.

  48. "I’m just sippin on chamomile." :’D

  49. Idiosyncratic Squid

    Enny looked really good

  50. •That one Punk Loser•

    Yeeee, the Avril and Gwen outfits were amazing. None the less, all of the girls slayed.

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