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WHO WORE IT Greater?! Selena Gomez vs. Ariana Grande (Dirty Laundry)

WHO WORE IT Much better?! Selena Gomez vs. Ariana Grande (Dirty Laundry)

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Selena Gomez & Ariana Grande are two of the largest pop stars on the planet. Although they have their personal distinct style designs, we’re here to figure out who pulls off each and every appear greater!…Here on Dirty Laundry!

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WHO WORE IT Much better?! Selena Gomez vs. Ariana Grande (Dirty Laundry) by Clevver Type
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  1. Ariana GrandeRBLX

    "maybe all of her musical talent is under her bangs.."

    "we must steal her bangs"

    "were onto something"

    i cant

  2. they said Arainator will get amd and they did because they chosed the bad one of Ariana Grande.

  3. they’re all like well Selena looks more comfortable and natural and Ariana is more photoshoot Well guys um those are pics of her in a Music Video DUH

  4. Okay.
    I hate this.
    Arianas better.
    Mittle finger from me.👊

  5. That’s unfair Ariana should win she has better style if you picked better photos of her 2016 or 2017 she should have won!!!

  6. and going used her baby I shot w her high top shorts instead of the into you one

  7. Christelle Ilmet

    #Alena Squad! (Selena&Ariana Squad!)

  8. ‘I should have gone into politics’


    But I personally don’t like when people compare because nobody likes being compared so I think Sel and Ari have different styles but none is better because each person likes one style or the other. They are only opinions and no opinion is wrong.

  10. You guys are still mean to Ariana. Like what the hell?


    Don’t judge me… It’s just my opinion and I understand why you think it was unfair. But I also think that if they have to look for bad Selena’s looks…
    It’s a lot of work.

  12. selena difenrly ware the short best

  13. they r such haters of ari FUCK OFF


    I think Ari and Sel are very beautiful but I personally prefer Selena. And yes, Ariana’s photos weren’t the best but with better photos I’d still choosing Selena’s looks.

  15. Nimetön Nimetön

    Please, Don’t compare Selena and Ariana. They have very different styles!

  16. trenell armstead

    who can’t wear Ariana’s jean shorts down the street? I wear those damn near everyday.. & why are y’all mostly picking Ariana’s stage outfits and video outfits? It seems a little biased towards Selena.. y’all chose better picks of Selena.. though that black outfit was cute af… but there are other pics of ariana wearing a crop top

  17. Stop hating Selena,and stop hating this video..Yes Selena wins..The end.Not Ariana,okay?

  18. Tbh they both slayed


  20. this is not fair ariana looks more beautiful and gorgeus than selena im not trying to be mean to selenators but u chose some random pics for ari and best pics for selena ,even tho she looked soo beautiful and more slays and has more beautiful pics

  21. Omg y’all are freaking crazy ariana is all of them

  22. Compare Arianas and Selenas voice.
    Ariana wins😄

  23. Ariana Grande vs Kylie Jenner

  24. selena gomez the best

  25. First of all this is my opinion, I really really got pissed of all these people, I mean it really seems like they all agreed it in advance to say Selena in every picture. Some reactions are like: they picked the worst photos of Ariana , Ariana looks good in every photo. I think it was very unfair and there was just too much hate on Ariana. (Sorry for my bad English)

  26. they literally didnt even compare similar looks, selena was wearing a casual crop top, ariana was performing. selena was wearing a bikini, ariana was in a music video. like they shouldve picked actual similar outfits….

  27. my favorite two singers so i really can’t compare them!
    and, i like both of their styles.

  28. Why they hate Ari😭

  29. TBH, this entire comment section is butthurt little Ariana fangirls. Honestly, stop whining about other people’s opinions.


    I am a big Ariana Fan!!!!!!!!

  31. Kourtney Vercetti

    But compare the vocals

    Only one can sing 😜

  32. Científico Loco

    every time this series comes out I read as a who whore it better

  33. When you pick photo shoot photos … lmaoo

  34. They pick all the shitty photo for Ari. Lmao unfair zzz

  35. I think ari won all of the rounds

  36. oo I think u hate ari 😡

  37. kaleia williams

    go selena u did yo shyt

  38. Sooooooo hard to choose, those two wore so nicely! But still, I say Ariana’s bangs and ponytail are just about everything. Selena’s ponytail was just done to be done. Ariana’s ponytail’s just so natural.

  39. From Me Ariana Is Better

  40. they could of fking use Ari’s shot from Victoria secrets w her bikini and boots

  41. Selena wore it better. of course. She is naturaler than Ari.

  42. don’t be mean why did you guys even make this video

  43. My girl Ari still always slays .. so bye 🤗

  44. It wasn’t fair but at least we know who our queen is. Mine: Ariana grande

  45. Selena is di best guys

  46. But Ariana is wearing stuff what she is wearing for the performance (1st one)

  47. don’t compare selena and ariana because their style are so different!!!!!

  48. Кристина Г

    Ariana Grande

  49. Sierra Spurlock04

    they were basically voting on what they would wear not what they liked best and Ariana’s pictures weren’t the best quality as Selena’s, I just don’t think it was fair to compare

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