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TestingTogether #three: On the internet Purchasing Expectations vs Actuality / DressLink

TestingTogether #three: Online Shopping Expectations vs Reality / DressLink

Hello Stunning, today’s #TestingTogether episode is all about on the internet buying and our expectations vs actuality! Can not wait to hear YOUR concepts on what are the ideal internet sites to store at?!

♥Dresslink Homepage : http://bit.ly/1mWYrlJ
♥Dresslink Pajama : http://bit.ly/1mWYoWU
♥Dresslink Hair Band : http://bit.ly/1mWYrC2
♥Dresslink Tulle Ballerina Skirt : http://bit.ly/1mWYrC7
♥Dresslink White Blouse Tunica: http://bit.ly/1mWYoGD
♥Dresslink Slim V Back Dress : http://bit.ly/1mWYoWQ
♥Dresslink Chiffon Khaki Dress : http://bit.ly/1mWYoWR
♥Dresslink White & Yellow Print Dress : http://bit.ly/1mWYrCj
♥Dresslink Feather Blouse : http://bit.ly/1mWYrSy
♥Dresslink Slim Jacket : http://bit.ly/1mWYoWT
♥Dresslink Black Lace Celebration Dress : http://bit.ly/1mWYoWX
♥Dresslink Fitness Racerback bra : http://bit.ly/1mWYoX0

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Sophomore Makeout by Silent Companion (From Youtube Audio Library)

TestingTogether #three: On-line Buying Expectations vs Reality / DressLink by BeautifulYouTV
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  1. If the price is that then you shouldn´t have very high expectations. I personally think it´s disgusting to buy shit like that. There´s already too much stuff on this planet. If you need something then at least buy something that will last more than one wear. Also if you buy a piece of clothing for 1 dollar then doesn´t even a small part of you wonder who isn´t getting paid?

  2. Marie Rosana S.

    I think you were lucky. You got exactly (mostly) what you ordered.

  3. you rocked them all

  4. the dress at 1:40 is TO DIE FOR on you. you look amazing!

  5. Please do more of this. I enjoyed it so much. More power.

  6. I mean yeah some suck but, let’s be honest— you get what you pay for.

  7. she’s one of the moms from 16 and pregnant!

  8. I really like that feather top

  9. The second one looks pretty good but is a bit broken….

  10. OMG I love your cat. So cutie.😍😍😍😍😍

  11. 4 out of 5?!

  12. The second one wasn’t that baf

  13. You should test food

  14. you so beautiful


  16. EyesWithoutAFace

    You should openly admit in the video sponsorship. The clothes, aside from maybe one or two pieces looked truly awful and poorly constructed. That isn’t to say that some of the pieces you can order are bad, it is just so flagrant that your opinion is bought. It’s sad to see this, especially as your honest opinion has integrity, which is worth so much more than any sponsorship money.

  17. this is lowkey sponsored

  18. I love to see more of this clothes expect vs reality.

  19. Some were better than others

  20. i don’t like the music….

  21. m from india and the currency is totally different, can u help me how should i order dese??
    i loved it wer u showed the positive and the negative drawbacks…
    tq and keep posting😊😊

  22. ILoveThatBand !

    You could probably make all of these work in someway.

  23. Where I've Came

    you looked very pretty

  24. camdyn thompson

    00:26 song pls :^)

  25. Evelyn castellanos

    Me gustó mucho

  26. Some of the things looked really good on you!

  27. Don’t order from this company. They have stolen money from customers by claiming they switched postal carriers, they don’t deliver on your orders! They’re in China but refuse to ship to China unless you order $300 USD? The products are cheap, not to contact size, don’t wash well, and they send wrong items in place of what was ordered. So if you plan to shop buyer beware! Would advise you to seek savings elsewhere.

  28. Oooh my gosh your voice is so sweet:-)

  29. Lunacie Crevette

    1:57 Hold up I have a scarf made with that fabric lmao

  30. c.Elizabeth Eichner

    I just found your channel, it is quite the gem!  I love the variety in content. You have got some serious skills!

  31. Thelittle greypony

    that cat did not want to be tickled lol

  32. I really like the video. It is scary buying things that are that cheap and not knowing what to expect. I think it was half n half. Some stuff look great and fit great and some stuff just look cheap and didn’t fit well.

  33. Please don’t hold your cat like a baby… they don’t like it! ( that’s why you were viciously attacked by sharp cat talons and teeth!)

  34. I love this look

  35. Some of the dresses need the under skirt slip to get the volume seen in the pictures. Anyone who buys ridiculously cheap clothing items. Should bare in mind they may need to reinforce buttons, tack a hemline , or trim a few strands. Enjoyed the video ☺

  36. +1000 points for the kitty.

  37. Alicia Pressley

    This was really cool, do more!!!

  38. Я считаю это талант находить хорошие вещи онлайн, мне вот меньше везет. Тоже недавно сняла об этом видео.

  39. 07vredinka | Beauty Blogger

    Ожидание реальность😂😂😂😂😂😊😊посмеялась от души 😂😂🤘🏻😘

  40. Really good video. Nicely done. Love the fat cat.

  41. More of them actually looked really good. I expected them all to be horrible but most of them looked grat! PS the cat is SOOOOOOOO cute

  42. some of the stuff do look ok…

  43. I have a small gown in the neon feather one same thing

  44. most of the realitys didn’t come out as bad great vid by the way love your cat😊

  45. I think this was pretty honest. some of the stuff did not fit well and she showed you the poor seams or manufacturing. some was as shown and looked good. about half the stuff was nice with good seams …. but that is not great when you think of it.

  46. You should test some products on this store, im curious

  47. The first black lace dress looked fantastic. I was surprised.

  48. Nice video, I had fun watching it. Some items are very nice.

  49. I love the third one.

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