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Miley Cyrus in Crop Tops | Celebrity Style | Style Flash

Miley Cyrus in Crop Tops | Celebrity Design | Vogue Flash

Miley Cyrus has absolutely not been holding back in the type division recently. She’s completely embraced this season’s crop-leading trend and delivered yet yet another ab-baring outfit. To catch up on all of Miley’s most recent risqué ensembles, observe today’s Style Flash.

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Miley Cyrus in Crop Tops | Celebrity Style | Vogue Flash by POPSUGAR Trend
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Behind the Scenes with Aveda™ – Osklen SS14 – Mercedes-Benz Vogue Week New York Spring Summer time 2014 – #MBFW #NYFW – September 17, 2013 – Creative Commons (cc) images distributed by Mainstream by means of Aveda Corporation

Mercedes-Benz Style Week New York
Behind the Scenes with Aveda™ – Osklen SS14 at MBFW NYFW


Aveda™, The Artwork and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences™, was founded in 1978 with the purpose of delivering elegance industry specialists with high functionality, botanically based mostly items that would be far better for service companies and their visitors, as nicely as for the planet.

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████████████ Event

Mercedes-Benz Trend Week New York

Mercedes-Benz Trend Week is New York City’s single largest media occasion, taking spot twice a yr (February &amp September) at Lincoln Center, a single of the most well known arts and cultural institutions in the world. The event provides top designers an international platform to showcase their collections to a lot more than a hundred,000 market insiders from all around the planet, like purchasers, editors, merchants, celebrities, VIPs, and more. With more than 80 designers shows over 8 days, it is known as the premier event globally in which design, elegance, supermodels, and celebrities come collectively to celebrate the very best in style.


████████████ PUBLICITY

Pictures extra to the Inventive Commons (cc) by
Aveda Corporation


Photos licensed with the following Inventive Commons license on September twelve, 2013


████████████ Mainstre.am

Mainstream tends to make photographs accessible to the independent press, the mainstream press, open media this kind of as Flickr, Imaginative Commons, and Wikipedia.

We will quickly launch with a service for content creators, publicists, and publishers about the world.


████████████ Contact

Questions can be sent to:

Tamara McCartney (Assistant Producer)


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By goMainstream on 2013-09-eleven 17:59:48


  1. Love mileys style – seriously wishes I looked like that! Shes got an amazing body x

  2. miley has the worst style ever ! she doesn’t know how to dress herself ! she looks so cheap!

  3. love it

  4. PineapplePalmtrees

    Love these! ❤

  5. There’s no doubt she looks great in every outfit you’v shown, but its not original. we’v seen many a celebrity chop of their hair and try to go punk in in effort to become more unique, but it backfires. If only they would stay true to who they are, not try so hard to become something else (or someone else)…

  6. Allison McNamara

    i agree!

  7. TheBerrylicious33

    In my opinion she’s trying too hard to shock everyone all the time and it shows. She’s no trend setter,just trying to be one desperately. You’re no Rihanna,Miley..
    She does have an amazing body,but somehow it looks a little(well..a lot) too much when she’s constantly flaunting it,it’s very unlady-like

  8. Thank you! My thoughts exactly!

  9. Fashion is passion

    I like it

  10. Guys lookbook on my channel 🙂 -Nic

  11. No kidding

  12. so agree +1

  13. well since you asked….i dont think shes trying to be a "trendsetter" or "desperate" shes just doing whatever feels right for her at the moment…this is her time to be experimenting, and trying out new things.. she’s still sooo young so people should relax, give her a break and stop acting like a she’s a middle aged women with children.

  14. BeautyandKittens

    I love the first look 🙂

  15. Aishah Phalapree

    love it 😀

  16. she’s discovering herself, she’s playing with fashion, she’s taking risks. so what? she grew up looking how disney wanted her to, you can’t say she’s trying too hard when you don’t know her. look at the other celebs who have gone from "one extreme to the other" i.e. rihanna, selena gomez, demi lovato they were all young and "innocent" once but now they’ve explored their own style and are not who they once were. let these girls discover themselves.

  17. I actually loved her eyelet outfit. She looks good if shes got a good combo of edgy and demure..otherwise it looks desperate.

  18. Love her new style! and hell yeah if you got it then flaunt it! wont have it forever and she HAS IT! I love miley <3

  19. just fu*k off

  20. Miley looks amazing! loving the new her.. i remember hatingggg her style back in the disney days! hopes she keeps it up <3

  21. Looooove!

  22. Trâm Anh Nguyễn

    I think Miley is amazing, she’s the trend setter, no one can pull those of like her!..

  23. Miley is a whore

  24. Ugly

  25. trying SO hard to be rihanna smh

  26. Love it!

  27. I have never actually liked her.. I think She is not so pretty as everybody say..

  28. thebedazzledmirror


    Luv her luks
    Luv her body
    Luv her style
    N most of all LOVE HER VOICE

  29. Awesome

  30. Miley has the most amazing body, it’s perfect, so if she can and wants to show it, it’s great! she looks amazing!

  31. She’s not 14 anymore. I think Miley is coming into being a woman in her own way! I wish I looked that good in a crop top. You go girl!

  32. Nathalie Ann Vazquez

    Love it! I wish I can wear all that

  33. love it ..

  34. love u love u love u miley u r so wonderful

  35. BeyondTheGlitter1

    Some of those outfits are really cute! But I think "Miley being Miley" is actually tacky and raunchy. But she does have nice abs for some of those mid drift baring crop tops.

  36. Ugly

  37. I since she came into the industry so young they wanted portray her innocent, too innocent I would say, she’s finally being who she wants and it only seems extreme cause you don’t know her and have never been in the industry

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