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Miley Cyrus’ Boobs Manufactured Paul McCartney Uncomfortable

Miley Cyrus’ Boobs Produced Paul McCartney Uncomfortable

Miley talks about her extremely revealing outfit and recalls creating music legend Paul McCartney uncomfortable.

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Miley Cyrus’ Boobs Produced Paul McCartney Unpleasant

Miley Cyrus’ Boobs Created Paul McCartney Uncomfortable by Jimmy Kimmel Reside
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  1. I’m 9 years old and I watch this stuff. Don’t judge meh

  2. her dad’s probably like "SWEET NIBLETS" lol

  3. i have no objections

  4. I respect Miley for being so honest it makes me like her more

  5. Lawrence Jenkins

    What boobs ?

  6. Heinz-Harald Kümmerling

    end this existence

  7. shes so honest and bold and dosnt care what other people say I love her!!!

  8. yeah but u can be a feminist

  9. she is the kind of hollywood personality who i love watching during interviews because she is so intelligent. so genuine


  11. Christoph Schürch

    its so difficult to write comments that are meaningless:)

  12. our censorship is so flawed

  13. Lawrah Ashley Cabaya

    Oh my god that is so true that is actually an logic

  14. I don’t care what people think, those are nice boobs an I WOULD go to town on them.

  15. She is asking for Dicks. Need Dicks to live. Shame on you :v

  16. no morals…her dad is for ever having an achy breaky heart…

  17. she sounds like a dude

  18. Shes totally a ****

  19. oh damn she has a point with the nipples XD Which is weird considering guys wear shirts off all the time. The only difference is the fact that we have sacs there, but the nipple is the problem.

  20. Ugggh what happen to this girl! this is my childhood crush.

  21. Ranu Adi Aldaka

    you look like prostitution ladies

  22. click bait title…jimmy seemed uncomfortable

  23. At first I thought that she was showing off her tits for the attention but now I’m kinda understanding her and why she does it.

  24. moron

  25. One of the most amazing outfits I’ve ever seen. So jelly.

  26. she not insane, but she’s a free woman. beside, everybody has dark side and we can’t​ release it…the day we still keep it inside that’s the day we’re still sane…:)

  27. She’s fkn hot….Like her or not, what can ya do…She also seems like a really fun person to bullshit/party with…

  28. Damn but shes flat like a iron table

  29. I love her outfit tho

  30. julia catherine

    i came here from a more recent interview and it is crazy the difference in her mannerisms from here vs now. she has really come a long way from this!!

  31. TheDarkplayer01

    she is so repelling it’s insane!

  32. Don’t do drugs

  33. Miley looks like retarded clown

  34. Skank Personified

  35. Sanaysha Blueitt

    So happy she stop this

  36. Yo if u don ge yo litl pice off garbich aout of here u wil ge dis wor boi

  37. I think she took shine bright like a diamond a little to far…

  38. Yoireiko Dela Vega


  39. she says tits a not like she’s trying to convince herself she has tits. dem little mosquito bites

  40. natif6souljah AT8

    🤔🤔🤔 what makes people uncomfortable is that nipple sounds like pimple… which are gross.. so peas in a pod kinda deal

  41. Offshore Sparky

    so why is it ok to say tits but ass gets bleeped out? What a croc of bullshit

  42. Mieala De Omania

    Hahhaha you make me laugh miley

  43. Respect for her being vegan! I don’t care about the rest of her all that much, her music etc. But compassion to animals? You have earned my respect.

  44. Jean-luc Choufani

    When someone swears on jimmy Fallon’s show, he plays off the joke, tells his guest to not swear and also doesn’t laugh. When a guest swears on jimmy kimmel he jokes and laughs with them. This just shows how much better jimmy kimmel is than Fallon

  45. I blame Disney

  46. Props to Miley Cyrus for being a badass

  47. She was probably raped as a child

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