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Kanye West’s Complete Lecture at Los Angeles Trade Technical School

Kanye West’s Total Lecture at Los Angeles Trade Technical School

Kanye West, effectively, Dr. West has returned to his old stomping grounds. Kind of. West went back to Los Angeles Trade Technical University for the first time considering that he taught there.

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Kanye West’s Full Lecture at Los Angeles Trade Technical College by Complex News
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  1. Honestly everyone of you who thinks that this miserable form of life called Kanye can be either hated or loved is as low form of life as this microbe is. Kanye is like flue to me, every time he open his mouth I feel like I need paracetamol!

  2. I hope he does run for president I’m definitely voting

  3. He doesnt really seem like a arrogant guy with a really big ego tbh..

  4. JW Anderson and Alexander Wang DID NOT go to Central Saint Martins and weren’t instructed by Louise Wilson.

  5. lmao. typical Kanye

  6. What can we do? Black people will always be this gross and smelly

  7. Daily Tie Hill

    I like the fact he never write his speeches. There are all free flowing. He is a genius.

  8. is it me or does anyone see that triangle in the A # illuminati

  9. Everyone in history with a non "Medicare" mindset that applied there creative successful ideas to the world is a genius. I like the fact that this man is successful in music, film, and fashion. Kanye West and pharrell are the most successful, and creative in all three fields worldwide. The only 2 that came from hip hop and has earned a conglomerate of success in all 3 fields for over a decade, and is still relevant.

    Now i know every human in this world is judged in a positive and negative prospective, but there’s a intelligent way and a ignorant way to judge as well.

  10. pretty sure he meant alexander mcqueen not wang

  11. Browny Doughnutt

    How can people say this speech isn’t as good as other Kanye speeches bc they feel like he’s not prepared?!
    That’s actually the best speech you can give in my opinion: no prepared bs that you just learned by heart but rather a speech that really COMES from the heart at the exact moment you’re giving it. Right, you can see he’s nervous – would you not be when giving a speech in front of so many grads and all you can do is improvise and tell what’s on your heart?

    Mad probs to Kanye, very inspirational and one of the best speeches I’ve heard so far!

  12. I am a Kanye fan and I can safely say; this was shit.

  13. Dope

  14. LIL JUJU X MAGIC. Search that !! #Chicago 🔥🔥💯

  15. 1. MyBeautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    2. The College Dropout
    3. Graduation
    4. Yeezus (underrated)
    5. Late Registration (overrated, hey mama one of his best songs tho)
    6. Watch The Throne (overplayed and bland)
    7. Cruel Summer (yawn)

  16. Dr West Questions: What do you do with your life? How do you make the most of it? How do you make your voice the loudest? My answer: You remember your heart is a ship & your Art is it’s wind; You forget being a "sell-out" & just SAIL OUT!

  17. Angela van den Burg

    He looks fat.

  18. "Human beings- we’re a blip in existence. Death is promised!" Chills when he preached it.

  19. Brought to you by the devil himself.

  20. Gerardo Vargas


  21. borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring

  22. Kanye is a decent guy ya know sure he has Muhammad Ali attitude and still does even know he’s known as one of the best rappers of all time besides Jay Z and 2 pac and like I said this is my opinion but that speech she gave was truly inspiring Kanye isn’t all that bad you know he just has a different view so the world like we all do we all have our different views and choices and opinions

  23. ‘when yah the best you get hated on the most’ so true this guy is gold as he makes crazy plan genius

  24. ahahahahaha this nigga only done this cuz he got community service pmsl :’)

  25. UrbanDinosaurs

    0:58 natalie?

  26. Kanye, eat a Snickers.

  27. HATE is a sign of ENVY

    Good we dont need no more gay Italians running fashion

  28. Boris Hagemans

    This is the first time Kanye is kind of sensible.

  29. Tyler Rodriguez


  30. Monolithic Fishmonger-X

    Will you own your craft ? Can you express your passion ? How loud are you ?

  31. He is so fucking unbearable

  32. Stop sucking Kanye’s dick, Complex.

  33. dumbass in the front row holding his phone up watching kanye’s speech through his phone. fuckin idiot he’s right in front of you, put your stupid phone down for a minute and experience the moment with your eyes.

  34. d'Rivm Wempozv


  35. Christopher Verdon

    you are a fucking idiot kanye

  36. circasurvive04

    Lol "When you’re the absolute best, you get hated on the most" *drops the mic* *waits for applause*

  37. Yé is the man. i love him. whiplash was shit. just sayin

  38. Kanye west sucks. His music sucks and his fashion line really sucks


    almost 1am watching this… motivated the fuck out of me. damn

  40. madyson johnson

    I love Kanye. He’s a creative genius and there is really no other way to put it like he said. His style is elegant, unique, and bold. His music flows so effortlessly that it just make me either at peace or thinking about the message that he’s trying to relay in his music. Late registration and Graduation are 2 of my favorite albums to ever drop. Even the songs he did with consequence and rhymefest are pure music. Kanye will always be one of my favorite if not my favorite rapper.

  41. SundanceKid343

    Why they want such an arrogant, stupid son of a bitch like Kanye talk to them??

  42. and. kanye. can. lose. another. child. and. another. kim. 

    do. you. still. want. to. play. kanye.

  43. was he wearing a staple sweatshirt??

  44. Ye’s such a genius


  46. Would’ve been funny if he said can yeezus get a amen

  47. Misunderstood

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