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Heather Sanders, Owner of Sorella Boutique, Talks Enterprise and Fashion

Heather Sanders, Proprietor of Sorella Boutique, Talks Enterprise and Vogue

Heather Sanders, Founder of Sorella Boutique and Designer, talks about how she got into the style organization, how she chooses outfits, and what elegance merchandise she employs.

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Heather Sanders, Owner of Sorella Boutique, Talks Company and Style by ModaMob
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  1. Blac Chyna had pink hair watch she now she get pink hair

  2. whos the boyfriend shes talking about?

  3. but I can agree she does not look like she cant beat nobody ass though

  4. so bitch got her come up from chyna

  5. North,south,east,west Atlanta Plug

    no modesty clothing here, just more stank men repellent clothing.

  6. when your goal is money and not your actual product or your business. complaining about headaches in shipping lol wow. she sounds silly comparing herself to Nasty Gal’s entrepreneur Sophia! this was entertaining though😂😂

  7. Love heather !

  8. Who is she??

  9. she look better than black china

  10. How are clothing lines copying her???? Many of her clothing pieces look basic and can be found on any boutique and franchise mall site lls!

  11. love it. more women need to be business minded. you go gurl

  12. She a fake bitch and she don’t even talk like that honestly she was making fun of blacchyna about her blue hair and this birch is wearing a cheap ass pink weave bitch gtfo

  13. I feel like she more real than black China will looks more real black China look off yall need to leave her alone

  14. Yuh trying to be like she

  15. for her not to like chyna she sure is imitating the fucking swagg

  16. She is over confident because she is really feeling like she can’t make it. she so insecure just like most black ppl over doing everything like there a real boss. there is no real boss because somebody has to pay you either customer boss or your boss..

  17. she is an idiot

  18. you are an awesome role model for the girls out here!! keep slaying ☆


    seeing this I would totally buy her stuff but her and black chyna acting ratchet fighting on snap chat I wont be buying anything that was very negative and bad  publicity

  20. Heatherrrr….Heather Sanders🗣 lmfao

  21. yall make me sick hating so hard on her. can’t stand to see a woman tryna come up before yall huh?? all those who saying she wack buying cheap ass clothes and her bf gave her money so she not a boss blah blah blah. you supposed to get you a man that supports and invest in you especially if he has the money. them cheap ass clothes is the same shit you hating hoes purchase from fashion nova, agaci, forever 21 etc just give credit to her for atleast tryna make a come up. all that pocket watching got yall negative nancys on here looking pathetic!!!

  22. she’s a horrible mom

  23. Shes better lookin without all that make up. Sexy AF

  24. I love her this must have been hard to start a business

  25. Aww she’s so cute. You can tell she really loves her boyfriend.
    "My boyfriend this…& my boyfriend said that" lol!

  26. She’s humble (EXTREME SARCASM!)))))))) Ugh I hate her attitude..she’s kinda snide with the interviewer and its not like she even all that poppin with them instagram clothes girl bye!!!!!!!!

  27. Her clothing line sucks big time. those cloth are ugly and cheap looking esp the footwear she needs to step her game up ewww very tasteless clothes just god awful tacky. if u dont believe me go on nastygal website

  28. Damn, all this hate at this girl is beyond silly. She’s just trying to sell clothes.

  29. wow at all this hate. its shameful how black women act towards each other. But y’all not only pressed play after seeing her name but then watched the whole video though….


  31. I’m no fashionista nor a fashion maven but like clothes and makeup and such but I never heard of Sorrella.
    Its good that she have that *Boss swag but if she really want to get to the triple digit millions, she have to hustle hard and travel.

    Get out of that local base and go to Europe or London, sell your wears there to jumpstart there and get your brand into subscription boxes that will help expand your consumer base.


  33. Fucking high heels on eBay for $15 and she sells for $80. I can’t seriously get atleast good quality clothing that we can wash without all the crystals falling off.


    its not like she up and did this by herself her boyfriend gave her the money to start it..i respect women who save or take a small loan from the bank to do it on their own

  35. Nasty Gal clothing is sooooo cheap. Everything about it.

  36. Why do I just not believe her? I don’t believe anything she is saying.

  37. She’s knows nothing about business…

  38. Buying in bulk from alliexpress or eBay is not being in the fashion industry.This bitch is a instaclown

  39. she don’t have knees

  40. Y’all nothing but mad haters on here. Heather still making moves & still making $$$. While y’all just negative. Support women especially Black owned businesses women! The come up ain’t easy. Heather is a Boss period.

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  42. Very inspiring!

  43. No body understands how much i love her hair.

  44. It’s really sad to see people hate and throw dirt on someone else. The fact that some of y’all are coming on here to complain from Blac Chyna’s social platform because of what y’all heard is disgraceful!!! This woman isn’t out here stripping, selling drugs or getting her money any other wrong way. She is working. And YES! She had help from her boyfriend! Guess what,everyone needs help sometimes! She is doing way better than half of the people sitting behind these screens being disrespectful toward her. She doesn’t even know that you guys are saying this. Why is that? Because she is too busy sitting back laughing and counting her money! I see older women hating on her! And for what!? It’s not going to be benefit y’all any. I don’t care what anyone says grow up and let not only this woman but other women who are trying to make their money the RIGHT WAY live!

  45. and we needed to hear what she has to say whyyyy????. she sounds like she’s giving an apologies not advice. guess in late on this girl but someone said she killed someone look her up. I did& this is what I for. another hoodnasty chick.

  46. I’ve been here, it’s in a ghetto ass area, they were playing distasteful raunchy music, it reaked of cannabis and most of the stuff is completely overpriced and i mention this because it looks cheap af…

  47. Dam that fivehead lol

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