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Best ten Most Costly Clothes Brands in The Planet

Leading 10 Most Pricey Clothing Brand names in The Globe

Prime 10 Most High-priced Clothing Manufacturers in The World

ten. Valentino
9. Versace
8. Fendi
7. Guess
6. Dior
5. Marc Jacobs
four. Armani
3. Prada
two. Chanel
1. Gucci

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Leading 10 Most Pricey Clothes Brands in The Globe by allTop Ten
Celeberty Trend Type Information & Events
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Every single 6-year woman would like to be like Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Travelling in personal jet to meet her popular father, she personifies luxury, glamour, and girly fashion. Her further stylish, branded
trend lady dresses are as well-known as the equipment she carries close to. It really is rightly quoted by her father Actor Tom Cruise that “Suri dresses herself and she was born that way,” This is so accurate.

Zahara Jolie-Pitt is yet another on the listing. She is as considerably a design icon as her celebrity parents Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with her Ralph Lauren Boots and Gucci, Juicy couture tops. Carefree search of Violet Affleck, daughter of celebrity dad and mom- Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, is a craze in so called little ones fashion globe for her UGG Australia boots to Ray Ban glasses to Bonpoint dress. Ditto, for the celebrity stylist Rachel Zoes son Skyler who is an epitome of fashion, with his signature fashion hats.

They all are splurging millions of dollars on their kids’ fashion turning this into one of the quickest expanding segments in the style sector. From Jessica Simpson to Beyonce Knowles have paid hundreds of thousands to doll up their children and develop a unique signature design of dress, accessories, tree houses or toys. Godfather Tom Cruise invested $ 200,000 on Jennifer Lopezs twins Max &amp Emme Muniz on buying designer christening outfits for the two. Todays mums are satisfied to splurge extortionate quantity of income trying to keep their youngsters elegant, chic to the detriment of their own style .This weakness has been properly realized by the style retailers .They are properly aware of this metamorphosis of young children their progressive nature. Today’s children are promising consumers, independent buyers. With nuclear household with the two the parents doing work there is ample of disposable income, to invest on stylish stuff which may well be exorbitantly priced.

Realising the potential, designers, trend brand names and retailers are seeking at this segment closely. Recently, International Little ones Trend Week as held in London. This catwalk was 1st of its kind where celebrity little ones walked the ramp. Designers Paul Smith Junior, Junior Gautier, Chloe Little Marc Jacobs, I Pinco Pallino, Suzanne Ermann, Anne Kurris, Supertrash showcased their collection. Realising the possible, established brand names like Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel jumped into the fray getting to be lively partners. Eyeing this section, other designer labels like Versace, Dolce &amp Gabbana, Burberry and other high-finish designers are preparing fashions shows in the distinct elements of the globe.
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Illusion based camouflage physique art employed to blend men and women into backgrounds or appear as objects
As an animated sequence moving over body

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Entire body art can be used in several varieties for occasions and product launches to acquire media attention and generate a unique and eye-catching piece of art for guests to speak about.

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Dancers and Models as Statues on podiums or plinths
Live body art expertise Demonstration: view as a physique is transformed just before your eyes
Waitresses and bar staff physique painted when serving guests
Camouflage physique artwork exactly where the bodies are blended into backgrounds and then seem or are painted as a emblem or objects (This can be used in numerous bodies forming an image or themed design)


Physique artwork can be used in trend shows to accentuate styles in the form of:
Equipment painted onto bodies as ornate and colourful tattoos and physique jewellery
Stockings painted on exactly where the toes are noticed, to develop a distinctive illusion
Designers logos can be painted and incorporated into styles
Clothing painted as element of an outfit
Celebrities painted in styles depicting the designer’s variety as a present-stopper
Ornamental statues as part of the set design and style

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  1. فيصل الخريف

    Hackett London? ?

  2. L.V lol

  3. And stone island and ralph canada goose

  4. Ṕŕőtőśtáŕ 憂鬱

    Guess wtf? When was $60 jeans the 7th most expensive brand in the world smh

  5. Wtf no dsquared? Lui vuitton or even hermes hmm something is wrong over here and why is gucci 1st???

  6. Lester Bocklandt

    Lol fendi is way more expensive than guess and armani

  7. Kung Gustaf Von Apfelstrudel

    1 suite= 4200€

  8. Burberry? Hermes? Louis Vuitton? Brioni, stefano ricci, canali, dolce and gabanna?

  9. jonas christensen

    Y-3 is way, way more expensive than armani and prada, burberry shits on the whole list and i didn’t even make it to balmain.

  10. L.V lol

  11. David Lance?
    Louis Vuitton?
    Christian Louboutin?
    Loro Piana?

    wtf mate???

  12. What about goyard and off white

  13. this is the most unfounded vid ive ever seen what is this even basd off

  14. Balenciaga

  15. Hermes? Mcm? Louis Vuitton? Christian Louboutin?

  16. Dudeletsgetgaming k


  17. Arafad Muhd fikri

    guess is expensive but not as expensive as Burberry

  18. Ya list is missing some key designers smh 😑😑

  19. supreme

  20. the most expensive clothes are supreme

  21. no Louis Vuitton, MCM, Hermès, Goyard, or Burberry smh

  22. TheArtisticChoc

    omg.. my family has a lot of Gucci products

  23. off white, bape, supreme,

  24. Is this guy serious 😂 completely in wrong order for starters and Didn’t see Goyard on there a belt from Goyard is $900 or a backpack is $4,400 there the most exclusive brand in the world they don’t have any online retailers only way you can order stuff online is to email the stores in Paris London or New York

  25. armani and guess shouldnt be up there… i tought about louisvuitton, hermes, givenchi, burberry etc

  26. Kate Spade?

  27. Yalın Dalkılıç

    Im here looking where the heck is Hermès?? Smh


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  30. where’s jimmy choo?????????????? most expensive


    Where da fuck is Oscar de la rente and Louis Vuitton

  32. Aleksandr Sosnovskiy

    1) Philipp Plein
    2) Louis vuitton
    3) Gucci

  33. Guess included? Sorry but you’re clueless about high end brands

  34. Mario theMexican

    stone island should be in this bitch cheapest shit is like 120$

  35. Where is H&M 🙂 ?

  36. Hugo boss?


  38. Wheres chrome heart

  39. Brenden Watkins

    Versace be more then Gucci, tf, and guess shouldn’t be up there 💀😵

  40. Moncler louis vuitton are more expensive than armarni

  41. Where is stone island

  42. Lol not even lv Balmain way more

  43. Sophia Veracion


  44. Lorraine Legaspi

    where is H&M? 😂😂😂

  45. Damn I was expecting some different set ov brands…Marc Jacobs…guess…armani are way too cheap than a lot many brands like burberry Hugo boss Louis vuitton

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  48. Gucci isn’t the most expensive it’s Louis Vuittion

  49. Screw this uppity pretentious crappola. Us here at WalMart is doing just fine.

  50. Neither guess or Marc Jacobs are on top 30

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