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Best 10 Costly Chains of Rapper

Best ten Pricey Chains of Rapper

Prime ten High-priced Chains of Rapper.Chains of Rapper From tiaras to rings.wealthy connoisseurs have spared no expense buying up the world’s priciest jewelry so right here is the prime ten pricey chains of rapper and pricey jeweleries of rappers.

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There are a lot of rappers who put on costly jewelery and chains created from diamonds or pearls and gold and so on.This is the video of top ten most pricey chains of rapper. The competition amongst rappers to wear high-priced jewellery boost the price tag of chains of rappers.

“Leading 10 Most High-priced Property Of Sport Stars”

Top 10 High-priced Chains of Rapper by Hot Checklist
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  1. half that shit is fake and rented out to the smucks how can’t afford the things they don’t necessarily need

  2. If ist a video predominantly of rappers, why not put a "rap" song. This music is annoying

  3. Executiv Gamer

    "Lamborghini Chain" xD

  4. T-pain the goat for that Big Ass Chain🐐

  5. joseph ferrell

    The lambo chain but in the pic tht was the Ferrari emblem

  6. look at Gucci’s face chain

  7. I wonder if they were trying to be funny about 2chainz πŸ€”

  8. Maddy Vlogsandbboy

    how can rick ross buy such a expensive chain even though his networth is only 45 million

  9. you are illitarate

  10. Milan Aleksovski

    souljas is fake

  11. all these chains ugly

  12. Montalvo Monteka

    Who ever did this video is a Retard

  13. bibiisbatman bb

    Lamborghini chain……..while Ferrari chain abovelololol

  14. Studman Longnuts

    Who the fuck buys this kinda shit?

  15. Music n Thingz

    Boosie Badazz chains kill these



  17. Raymond Torres

    i gotta gold rope chain

  18. 2kmaster 4orlando

    plies not there

  19. Whoever made this video is a dumbass

  20. rick ross needs to take that money and have surgery to lose weight the guy has bigger tits then most women I know

  21. Can someone tell what the fuck that number is 1:31

  22. Only black people wear chains cause they are slaves

  23. Its not lamborguini its ferrari 1:26

  24. I had to turn down the volume so I don’t here this trash music

  25. Tlou_FanForLife _

    Migos or Gucci mane maybe future also should be on the list

  26. Internet Police

    Box of crayon

  27. MANINDER Singh

    Damn Bruh the most I’ve ever spent was about $1,500 for some black diamond earrings. I mean it’s a lot of money for a 13 year old who saved up for them. I’m trying to save up for a chain like that when I’m all grown upβ˜πŸΌβ˜πŸΌβ˜πŸΌπŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

  28. Where Migos

  29. what about the corn flakes box

  30. Jimmy Bones 1974

    Shirley caeser

  31. Mike Jones sold that chain once he went broke

  32. It’s not the gold which is expensive (yes it is, but still) it’s the ice on those chains that make them expensive

  33. Wearing big ass chains like they do just makes you look as ignorant asf….and I’m speaking from a black guys perspective. I’m a fan but keeping them as simple as possible, probably lacing them up with some diamonds is the coolest you can get

  34. Cost a lot of money to look like a idiot.

  35. Why is gucci not here he’s bart chain

  36. where the fuck is gucci mane

  37. Donald Trumps Hair

    Chief keefs chains?

  38. Adrian McNamara

    This video chatting shot

  39. Dankisus Memeikus

    are you retarded?

  40. Brandon Brooks


  41. Whoever made this video is fucking autistic

  42. Adrian McNamara


  43. Souljah boy is a Ferrari chain

  44. What’s the name of that song

  45. Anthony Popalo

    ninja said slick Rick better known by his stage name slick rick…..is he pretending or just kiddin. FOH

  46. Linksozz The Lit

    Lamborghini? Look again.

  47. Mustafa Hussain

    Songs name is shooting stars.

  48. Check out this πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  49. Arshaun Grasty

    he said soulja had a lambo chain its ferrai

  50. On Soulja Boy where in the HELL do you see a Lamborghini Chain at that’s a Ferrari πŸ˜‚

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